Intervention For Politicians

Do we need an intervention for politicians? Perhaps renewal of free and fair elections that have been suborned by the money addicts among us would be a start.
Anyone who has dealt with an addict within their midst, understand the horror those individuals can perpetrate, and the denial that is necessary to continue the illness--Freedom is worth the cost of imagining a different, which surely is hard work. One recognizes the satisfaction of setting free a river. Even more so will be the setting free the the American people currently oppressed by the Capitalist Party.

Capitalist Party And Personal Power

The stock market is advertised as a platform for the fair and orderly market for corporate-share sales. Rejecting rote stereotypes, one would have to reconsider this explanation of this platform. This system seems not to function as advertised by traditional language. The SEC is intended to oversee the process and to maintain the integrity of the marketplace for share sales. A reasonable question is as to the reason corporate CEO's would find the SEC choice to report of relevant information that effects the buyer and seller of shares or the ground rules to maintain transparency for an investor, to be off limits----

Capitalist Party Strengthened From Disaster Profiteering

If we as the public are to get real about our system of Capitalism brought to us by the 2 branches of the Capitalist Party consisting of Democrats and Republicans, we would be well served to acknowledge the profiteering by Capitalist Establishment that customarily follows any natural disaster----