Intervention For Politicians.

Disclaimer—The following isn’t a news report.  It is personal opinion gathered from many sources, some of which are included for transparency, clarity, and rebuttal, and is the Free Speech of humanity.
Intervention For Politicians…..
Do we need an intervention for politicians?  Perhaps renewal of free and fair elections that have been suborned by the money addicts among us would be a start—
Anyone who has dealt with an addict within their midst, understand the horror those individuals can perpetrate, and the denial that is necessary to continue the illness—-
For years now NSA and the Pentagon have feared foreign terrorists poisoning aquifers and municipal water supplies.
Come to find out, forget those foreign terrorists! The poisoning is already happening, internally, homespun! ISIS and al Qaeda are not needed. We’re poisoning our own people without the assistance of professional terrorists.
——-end of counterpunch message——
As Establishment enforcers tell the public “move on, nothing to see here”, Capitalists continue their mad foray against the public.
Freedom is worth the cost of imagining a different, which surely is hard work.  One recognizes the satisfaction of setting free a river.  Even more so will be the setting free the the American people currently oppressed by the Capitalist Party— ; —  Unlike rivers, people are generally oppressed by their own permission, after long and subhuman terrorism from the oppressor, of course.
A most atrocious propaganda line from the Capitalist Party is that water makes one sick.  This occurs only when water has first been poisoned—- ; —  The bait-and-switch from industry that healthy water results from the processing, transportation, and exploitation of otherwise clean and natural water sources that belong to the commons, needs to be discussed.
Due to censorship from corporate-owned mainstream media on the topic of the poisoning of the public and our environs by industry, few people are aware of the incredible energy, time, and dedication of many NY public safety advocates.  This is a reason that, so far, we haven’t been fracked.  Other indications continue, unreported by corporate-owned mainstream media—
Advocacy to avoid NYS waterways from becoming industrial sewers is ongoing—-
One watched in Broome County, NY, a mad scramble by industry to buy up local land.  So-called informational seminars were held by industry representatives and local lawyers on the topic.  One watched with dismay as local landowners were herded into fancy meeting rooms, locals clad in tee shirts and what is colloquially called shitkickers, to attend meetings in rooms adorned with chandeliers, white-clothed tables, crystal, and silver.  The local lawyers insinuated their wish to “protect the interests of local landowners”.  Use of LLC’s was a portion of some discussions, and the usefulness of the LLC’s was promoted.
  Several uncomfortable points that one recalls as a personal memory of the time—-
*    The local county lawyer sent out letters to bureaucrats warning them, in their enthusiasm to welcome in this new industry, about conflict of interest
*    Ubiquitous control of the local land was assumed by industry, either by lease or sale
*    A local sheriff was reported to moonlight for a local fossil fuel industry company
*    Objections by environmentalists were met not with respectful attention by their Representatives, but with derision, by Establishment characters
*    News conferences were broadcast on local corporate-owned media, with industry and local bureaucrats announcing to the public the reason fracking was good for us
*    These so-called news conferences could better be defined as investment sales seminars, without compliance to SEC guidelines
These are only a few factors during this turbulent time in the local community.
We now hear that the time frame of around 2004 through 2006, was an especially crucial time for Russian money laundering within the US.  Too many instances of personal recall exist, that pertain to the possibility of the connection between the Upstate NY land rush and money laundering, as an opinion, that simply adds to the recognition that we are indeed “running government like a business” which may be a definition of organized crime.
After years of outrage that our democracy is deeply disrespected by Establishment characters, one is hearing that our democracy is in danger from Establishment characters.  This supports the blatant information that anyone could have gathered over the last many years, if greed and self interest didn’t interfere.
By the way, this isn’t limited to the Republicans who are now practicing “running government like a business”, but one has long been concerned about the Clinton shell corporations and has been curious as to the reason public servants require these.  One also noticed the simultaneous occurrence of the Clinton Foundation and Hillary Clinton in the State Department, which seemed simply too uncomfortable for public servants and/or Representatives of The People.  But again, “running government like a business” has been the business of both Democrats and Republicans, under the Capitalist Party of which they are both a branch.
If public servants need shell corporations, perhaps they are more business people rather than public servants, and perhaps that is a reason for the voter to choose an actual public servant.
As anyone who has worked in a competitive corporation knows, management will always attempt teams to promote competition that creates an ever more stressful atmosphere that keeps everyone on treadmills.  One suggests the Capitalist Party is doing the same with the D’s and the R’s. ; —  Kavanaugh?  Really? what’s the rush into the jaws of corporate toadies?   There is more reason to be contemplative about this important action, than to jump over the cliff holding hands.  Thelma and Louise we needn’t be.
As one who is 68-years-old, one recalls a time when mass human migration in North Carolina and South Carolina would have been unheard of, and American refugees simply didn’t happen.  One supports the young people who are fighting for their right to a future untainted by Capitalist Party oppression that is manifesting just now in Climate-Change promoted weather events—-
Let’s try democracy—– ; —  Discussion of Climate Change is sparse in the Carolina’s.  Perhaps that may change.
Many of our politicians need an intervention.  We could give them a good talking to, or vote them out of office until they are no longer a danger to the public and environment.


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