Capitalist Party And Personal Power….

Disclaimer——The following isn’t a news report.  It is personal opinion developed from many sources, some of which are included for clarity, transparency, and rebuttal, and is the Free Speech of humanity.
Capitalist Party And Personal Power….
The stock market is advertised as a platform for the fair and orderly market for corporate-share sales.  Rejecting rote stereotypes, one would have to reconsider this explanation of this platform.  This system seems not to function as advertised by traditional language.  The SEC is intended to oversee the process and to maintain the integrity of the marketplace for share sales.  A reasonable question is as to the reason corporate CEO’s would find the SEC choice to report of relevant information that effects the buyer and seller of shares or the ground rules to maintain transparency for an investor, to be off limits—-
As surely as the illegitimate Supreme Court decision called Citizens United is of concern, that legalized bribery in our elections, one is concerned with the influence of oligarch corruption and interference in our elections of which investigations are now ongoing.
These recent examples of corruption in the US government, raises concern for the rush to confirm a highly questionable Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.  One especially watches the antics of Orin Hatch who supports Kavanaugh against any who raise legitimate questions about Kavanaugh’s past, in the same way Orin Hatch defended the Clarence Thomas who now sits on our Supreme Court, after Anita Hill brought sworn testimony about his character that suggested Thomas wasn’t fit to be our Judge, and as Orin Hatch denied the testimony of other women at the time, who said they had similar experiences.
Our nation is at a crossroad.  As a US citizen, one demands Representatives who proceed honorably.  The politician-stated mission of “running government like a business”, can be defined as organized crime.  One prefers a democratic republic.
One watched in Broome County, NY, a mad scramble by industry to buy up local land.  So-called informational seminars were held by industry representatives and local lawyers on the topic.  One watched with dismay as local landowners were herded into fancy meeting rooms, locals clad in tee shirts and what is colloquially called shitkickers, to attend meetings in rooms adorned with chandeliers, white-clothed tables, crystal, and silver.  The local lawyers insinuated their wish to “protect the interests of local landowners”.  Use of LLC’s was a portion of some discussions, and the usefulness of the LLC’s was promoted.
  Several uncomfortable points that one recalls as a personal memory of the time—-
*    The local county lawyer sent out letters to bureaucrats warning them, in their enthusiasm to welcome in this new industry, about conflict of interest
*    Ubiquitous control of the local land was assumed by industry, either by lease or sale
*    A local sheriff was reported to moonlight for a local fossil fuel industry company
*    Objections by environmentalists were met not with respectful attention by their Representatives, but with derision, by Establishment characters
*    News conferences were broadcast on local corporate-owned media, with industry and local bureaucrats announcing to the public the reason fracking was good for us
*    These so-called news conferences could better be defined as investment sales seminars, without compliance to SEC guidelines
The fact of intersection between Citizens United, ALEC, corporate privilege, judicial secrecy such as is the nature of Kavanaugh, Bush-era torture, the authoritarian nature of the Capitalist Party consisting of both Republicans and Democrats, and reported Russian money-laundering in NYS are only a few reasons the Mueller Russian Investigation must continue, and no Trump Supreme Court Judge candidates should be confirmed under the current deeply suspicious political sketchiness.
These matters as listed above are important.  But they are less important than the devastation inflicted upon our environment by Capitalist Party exploitation of natural resources for profit.  The poisoning of people by industry is evil, as much as is the Climate Change that is hosting the incredible weather events that are killing local community members.
A case in point is deforestation of our landscapes including but not limited to fracking.  Deforestation encourages flooding as vegetation is removed, roads are paved into wild places, well pads are inflicted upon natural soil, all of which would help absorb rain water in its natural state,  and wouldn’t as easily provide roadways through which flood waters can run toward populated regions—–
Is it fair to ask whether the lawmakers who banned scientific study of rising sea levels received the suggestion from ALEC, and enjoyed campaign contributions from big-money interests who exploit the environment and help promote global warming that leads to Climate Change??–
———-Those NC lawmakers must feel silly today; or are they just laughing all the way to the bank?
—–Again, its about the money.  The Military-Industrial Complex, without which imperialism would be impossible, is where the money is.  Will science then hitch their wagon to the military star?
The good news for corporate-owned mainstream media is Hurricane Florence gives them an excuse to ignore the gas explosions in Massachusetts, which is the way they routinely handle industrial devastation to local communities, anyway—–
Or how about another gas explosion that was ignored by corporate-owned mainstream media this week?—-
To address head-on patriarchy that hitches its wagon to the star of Capitalism, and to add dimension to the topic of exploitation of natural resources and human resources, one offers this perspective.  Climate Change is deaf, blind, and dumb to nationality and race.  Poisoned soil, air, and water kill indiscriminately.  The hierarchy of Capitalism is used in the Capitalist Party that includes both Democrats and Republicans.  Politicians of all races have used the bait-and-switch of “jobs, jobs, jobs”, as the primary importance even when their constituents are under attack by industrial exploitation.
The reason is universally, money.  Campaign contributions flow to politicians of all races, from big-money interests, to encourage lawmakers to do the bidding of Capitalist hierarchy, due to corruption legalized through Citizens United.  One has heard all politicians state the importance of “jobs, jobs, jobs” over issues involving the environment, but then watch the crocodile tears when local communities are poisoned, with all due respect.
The public is too exposed to the danger from the Capitalist Party that includes both Democrats and Republicans, to any longer tolerate politicians who use the excuse of race to explain away that which is killing everyone, with all due respect.
Consider, if your politician is sufficiently compromised by corruption to permit the poisoning of our environment which is a fact, how can they justify their concern after disasters occur, when we are aware that Disaster Profiteering in fact further promotes the politician’s puppet masters which are big-money interests—-
Was Obama and the Pentagon playing “good cop, bad cop” with the citizens of Flint?—–
Uncomfortably, the “isms” are used like prison cells to categorize and divide people.  One rather cynically uses the notion of the Capitalist Party, to de-fang the propaganda promoted by both Democrats and Republicans, that they are fundamentally different.  Both parties are on the take from big-money interests, and are doing the bidding of those interests.
Rigging of elections by big-money interests is easier when they control both the D’s and the R’s, while corporate-owned mainstream media spread the misinformation that “we are a 2-Party system”—-
One has heard corporate-owned mainstream media bemoan so-called tribalism, shifting attention away from their 2-Party lie, onto the public, where it isn’t deserved.
One also sardonically refers to the Capitalist Party, to nullify the sting of the use by the Democratic branch and the Republican branch of the Capitalist Party, which is one whole, as they deflect negative attention onto the Communist Party for its authoritarian excesses, so the Capitalist Party can better wield its authoritarian excesses against humanity, with all due respect.
One would need to be severely addled if one didn’t recognize that the freedom, equality, and pursuit of happiness by “the other” could only make better one’s own possibility of pursuit of happiness, equality, and freedom.
But it would seem the job of the sycophants of the Capitalist Party is to pit groups against each other, myopically counting and comparing offenses, while the puppets in the Capitalist Party enrich themselves and promote their personal power.
To be more precise in description of that which has melded into the Capitalist Party, which is the D’s and R’s, only seems natural.  If language is used to suppress, it can also be imagined to set us free—-


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