Capitalist Party Strengthened From Disaster Profiteering.

Disclaimer—The following isn’t a news report.  It is opinion developed from many sources, some of which are included for clarity, transparency, and rebuttal, and is the Free Speech of humanity.
Capitalist Party Strengthened From Disaster Profiteering…..
If we as the public are to get real about our system of Capitalism brought to us by the 2 branches of the Capitalist Party consisting of Democrats and Republicans, we would be well served to acknowledge the profiteering by Capitalist Establishment that customarily follows any natural disaster—-
People have been exploited as human resources as surely as our environment and the commons have been exploited in the character of natural resources.  At the same time, due to corruption in our electoral and legislative process permitted by Citizens United, the illegitimate Supreme Court decision that has given us $1 one vote instead of one person one vote, and with the collaboration of Establishment hierarchy in ALEC, business interests have suborned a level of rights that outpaces human rights and environmental rights.  One objects to this change because one sees as moral turpitude, a government that has promoted rights of artificial entities over the rights of that which is of The Creator, specifically people and nature, flora and fauna. ; —  The “I” is what sets you apart from, for example, a widget in a factory machine.
To superimpose Capitalism over humanity is a corruption on the deepest level. ; —  One example amidst the national atrocity of poisoning.  Make no mistake, if Capitalistic Hierarchy couldn’t profit from the disasters, the disasters would not be perpetrated via a progress described in terms of greed and privilege.. ; —  The benefits of a clean and healthy environment are apparent.  The only reason the Capitalist Party promotes economic health over human and environmental health, is self-interest.
Aside from the dust-up on the topic of number of lives lost due to weather-related disasters, which is surely deflection, a more important topic is the profits gathered by Capitalist Establishment after storms encouraged by the Climate Change that is beyond denial, and is caused by capitalist Establishment greed and exploitation of natural resources and human resources—–
Our 9/11 Memorial services were warranted to honor those we lost in an attack from a foreign nation.  But one requires the same attention on the topic of harm and death to local community residents, caused by industrial profiteering that poisons and otherwise kills people.  The specter of terrorism has been abused by the US government, first to frighten people with repeated referrals to the 9/11 tragedy, then by undemocratic surveillance of the American public by the US government, and finally in informing local community members standing in defense of human rights and environmental rights, that they can be labeled by the US government, as domestic terrorists, for their defense of their local homes—–
The excuse for negligent progress from Capitalist Establishment is overall improvement to the lives of people.  One would make the point that the disease and death that is now perpetrated upon the American public, no longer justifies this bait-and-switch argument. ; —  We cannot wait longer for politicians to recapture personal integrity, and surely commercial interests won’t recapture that integrity.  But that doesn’t stop local community members from envisioning and occupying the life that supports their spirit as much as it supports their body.
A demand that makes possible this reality, that must originate from the public, is a Basic Income, in order to free from indenture inflicted upon a majority of the public, by Capitalist Establishment.  This system of indenture has been imposed for two reasons.  Capitalist Establishment are enriched by this economic model, and the power of The People is undermined by the shackles of debt.  This is the reason Tax Scams are imposed by the 1% against the 100%, as the 1% uses the extortion of “jobs, jobs, jobs”.
In a free market, with democracy thriving, We The People would be unencumbered by the structural debt, and would be the employers or more probably self-employed.
Politicians inform the public they will “run the government like a business”, and they are.  This may be a definition of organized crime that excludes We The People from the benefits in this Ponzi Scheme.
That the calamity of Climate Change has been denied by the perpetrators of this Ponzi Scheme, has extended into the denial of the death and destruction against local community members, and seems ostensibly a cost of doing business.  In imperial exploitation of foreign nations, in which oligarch commerce is promoted by use of The Military-Industrial Complex, the term that has been applied to these local community deaths and destruction, is collateral damage.
These results could be and have been predicted—-
One has still heard nothing about the unusual situation in the Delaware River derailment.  One is aware of censorship on the topic of industry harm to the public.  Currently the following is an example—- ;    —     As one continues to hear corporate-owned mainstream media inform the public that “the clean-up continues”, nothing has been reported to the public about the reason a train chose to defy the state of emergency restrictions by local bureaucrats due to the dangerous conditions caused by flooding.  To call this an accident strains the imagination, and industry owes an explanation as much as bureaucrats owe attention to hold accountable an industry that perpetrated harm against people and nature that if committed by a local individual, would surely be addressed
As an example, is the topic of natural gas use for energy production.  Several observations—-
*    Fracking is the preferred method, by industry, of retrieving natural gas deposits
*    Natural gas is flammable and explosive
*    The fracking process promotes Climate Change, as does use of the product
*    Climate Change is disturbing our climate negatively
*    The fracking process is known to cause eartquakes
*    The product is unusable unless transported to points of destination for sale
*    The infrastructure for transport is undermined by earthquakes and Climate Change weather disasters
*    Failure of infrastructure results in leaks, explosions and fires
*    “jobs, jobs, jobs” is used as an excuse to continue this circle of death and devastation
*    Development of renewable and sustainable energy production would provide more local jobs, and short-circuit the unwelcome circle of fracking exploitation
*    The energy grids from sustainable and renewable energy production could be imagined into local systems that would be less exposed to outages due to weather, terrorism, or accident
The only reason to continue our circle of death as pertains to industrialization that harms local communities, is the profiteering by Capitalist Hierarchy, as represented by the Republicans and Democrats that form the Capitalist Party.
Installing a Basic Income could remedy in a small and preliminary way, for the embezzlement of the wealth of our nation by Capitalist Hierarchy in their Ponzi Scheme that has been admitted to by politicians as “running government like a business”.
Aside from any notion of fairness in a Basic Income, that is the fastest and best way in which to jump-start the Economy that has been desecrated by oligarchs.  This would also introduce a sense of humanity toward the public that has been indentured by the Debt Economy as inflicted by “running government like a business”, which may be a definition of organized crime.
One watched in Broome County, NY, a mad scramble by industry to buy up local land.  So-called informational seminars were held by industry representatives and local lawyers on the topic.  One watched with dismay as local landowners were herded into fancy meeting rooms, locals clad in tee shirts and what is colloquially called shitkickers, to attend meetings in rooms adorned with chandeliers, white-clothed tables, crystal, and silver.  The local lawyers insinuated their wish to “protect the interests of local landowners”.  Use of LLC’s was a portion of some discussions, and the usefulness of the LLC’s was promoted.
  Several uncomfortable points that one recalls as a personal memory of the time—-
*    The local county lawyer sent out letters to bureaucrats warning them, in their enthusiasm to welcome in this new industry, about conflict of interest
*    Ubiquitous control of the local land was assumed by industry, either by lease or sale
*    A local sheriff was reported to moonlight for a local fossil fuel industry company
*    Objections by environmentalists were met not with respectful attention by their Representatives, but with derision, by Establishment characters
*    News conferences were broadcast on local corporate-owned media, with industry and local bureaucrats announcing to the public the reason fracking was good for us
*    These so-called news conferences could better be defined as investment sales seminars, without compliance to SEC guidelines
These are only a few factors during this turbulent time in the local community.
We now hear that the time frame of around 2004 through 2006, was an especially crucial time for Russian money laundering within the US.  Too many instances of personal recall exist, that pertain to the possibility of the connection between the Upstate NY land rush and money laundering, as an opinion, that simply adds to the recognition that we are indeed “running government like a business” which may be a definition of organized crime. ; —  Disruption to local communities has nothing to do with freedom, equality, or pursuit of happiness, unless you are a corporation.
Even with the research from the NYSDOH that culminated in the fracking ban due to the health risks from fracking, we watch Capitalist Hierarchy continuing its onslaught against local communities in NYS.
The current politicians of the highest position are associated with Russian money laundering.  Combine this current investigation of money laundering with the NYSDOH investigation into fracking that gave us, so far, the fracking ban, and any insinuation of fracking into NYS is absurd, if not criminal.


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