Serious Ideas For New Norms…..

Disclaimer—The following isn’t a news report.  It is opinion developed from many sources, some of which are included for transparency, clarity, and rebuttal, and is the Free Speech of humanity.
Serious Ideas For New Norms…..
Life on a treadmill that has been indoctrinated into too many of the American public, to promote capitalism, may become ever more relevant as one moves through life; if one has taken the time to ruminate on true quality—-

—–Current Capitalistic presumption of authority has attempted to mitigate human and natural dignity for personal profit.
Statistically speaking, reports suggest women are at the greatest risk for violent attack in their own home.  In fact, that has been my experience.  If this patriarchal reality is introduced into the general public, the fear many domestic violence survivors understand will be the fact for everyone, and this cannot stand—-
As one thrown off Facebook for information about an anti-Nazi advocacy scheduled to meet in Washsington, D. C., several months ago, along with the following links, that censorship in general from Facebook isn’t surprising.
As stated at the time, no one is responsible for the actions of their relatives.  The point is that Dynasty Families which have been erroneously held up as special due to the wealth they have accumulated, which makes no sense anyway, may in fact have their houses built on sand.
But to use the presumption of the 1% to browbeat into oppression the 99%, doesn’t feel like democracy in action.  
These are reasons the Estate Tax needs to be implemented once again.  The wealth of a nation isn’t necessarily the right of Dynasty Families or oligarchs.  However the wealth was obtained, passing the nation’s wealth on to heirs of these characters is a fine gift for the heirs, but eventually produces a system of feudalism in the nation.  This is not indicative of support for equality, justice, or pursuit of happiness for We The People.
That Dynasty Families have renamed Estate Taxes to the new term of Death Taxes, is as slick as the superimposition over democracy that our system is Capitalism, or that superimposition of a supposed 2-Party system is valid; it is not valid.
—Drawing from the example of Dynasty Families, and the reverence they demand, due to their social and financial status, one considers the Ford and Kavanaugh, Hill and Thomas example.
One watches many Establishment characters washing Kavanaugh with the brush of a long career and distinction, implying his privileged position forgives many matters of turpitude, if one may be so bold.
The presumption of power that enables a young school boy to harass his female companions, expands into the presumption of superiority an oppression upon which they build their houses on sand.
Anita Hill may well have been the better choice as a judge, although that was never an idea that was explored, rather than Clarence Thomas.  Any notion that Thomas’ character is better than Hills character hasn’t been explored.
However, promotion of the career of Thomas was presumed by patriarchy, with the confidence and presumed privileged built upon the ostensible wreckage of so-called horse play that is excused with the “boys will be boys” phrase.
Indeed.  And so Grassley and Hatch continue their campaign of institutional superiority, following the examples of the Dynasty Families, who were raised to recognize their own greater privilege, for reasons still to be explained.
A new model of equality and justice would include a discussion as to the reason a man should automatically be believed, and a woman should be viewed with suspicion.   
But this isn’t only about an incident decades ago.  Why has remained secret, so many documents that would better inform as to the character of Kavanaugh, if his career is to be taken for granted as being honorable?  We’re talking about the Supreme Court, that surely can’t stand another questionable judge, and surely when one considers the illegitimate decision called Citizens United, that seems particularly ugly.
One topic of superior interest is Kavanaugh’s involvement in the dishonorable Bush-era torture programs.
Training to leadership positions among some men, includes the competition and control exemplified in sexual abuse.  One doesn’t make a judgement about the Ford/Kavanaugh issue.  In fact, this maintains the patriarchal system, which too often includes women who are enablers.
This is a reason many people voted for Bernie Sanders and Jill Stein, rather than Hillary Clinton, in the 2016 Presidential campaigns.
So-called witch hunts, a misnomer used to describe efforts to mitigate the bullying, privilege, and violence of patriarchy by those against whom these actions are perpetrated, is a direct affront to the women who were actually victims of this atrocity of witch hunts.
——That patriarchal whitewashing of history has rendered the horror of gendercide into a vague cultural memory, is another presumption by modern-day patriarchy to suggest harm to Establishment hierarchy when they attempt to squash dissent of their general presumptions.
When one considers a culture in which young men are encouraged to competition and domination, to bemoan transparency of a single alleged action by Kavanaugh, isn’t too much to ask in light of the privileges Kavanaugh has suborned due to this style of behavior, which is trained into a certain class of young men.
If he is made an example of, perhaps he has earned the exposure to justice.  Perhaps if his mass of documents on his long career had been made transparent, a young woman of 35-years-ago wouldn’t have felt inclined to recall a nasty situation, because character would have been exposed sooner.
Description of a 35-year-old event as an anomaly is only possible due to the censorship of Kavanaugh’s body of work—-
A 35-year-old event is less interesting than Kavanaugh’s work in torture—-
Censorship of more current actions by Kavanaugh we’re deemed irrelevant by Republicans; and a 35-year-old event may only have been a training ground for how to succeed in Establishment.
This is the structure of totalitarianism and privilege as wielded by the Capitalist Party as surely as was used in the Communist Party of the Former USSR.
Hubris isn’t necessarily a leadership quality, and in fact seems to personify a thought process that is silly and deserves to be challenged.  
If the embarrassingly self-serving actions of men in places of power toward the Anita Hill/Clarence Thomas hearings had been run instead with integrity, perhaps we wouldn’t be rerunning the manifestation of patriarchal Establishment arrogance in the Kavanaugh hearings.
Perhaps the office of President wouldn’t have been turned into a global joke.
As patriarchal Establishment postures, grassroots local communities defend human rights and environmental rights—-
So for presumption to confirmation of just another flawed judge to the Supreme Court, to be claimed by the Republicans, is wrong.
Our current Capitalist Party system has produced the global warming that promotes Climate Change and in fact has produced America’s own refugee crisis—-
—-What else is it if people are forced to flee their local communities, with questionable ability to return? ; —  As patriarchy demands the acceptance of misogyny, will they also demand American environmental refugees be renamed as perhaps a vibrant tourist industry? ; —  How long can we pretend these Americans aren’t refugees?  American exceptionalism can only be stretched so far.  Recognition of the fate of US citizens as mirroring the fate of refugees fleeing American imperialism surely must happen at some point.
Needed are leaders in fact, and not just overgrown juveniles who have made America their private playpen.
One suggests patching up an obsolete and deeply harmful system known as capitalistic hierarchy is a fools game.  If the system is not working, and it isn’t, a new system must be imagined.
Money is at the core of corruption.  No reason exists that money, therefore, should be the impetus of our system.  One suggests a system of good health, peace, equality, justice, and pursuit of happiness.  Perhaps we could even eschew torture, referring back to the Kavanaugh confirmation hearing secrecy.
Does anyone recall the propaganda of several years ago that America had the best healthcare system in the world?  That was a lie perpetrated by Establishment to transfer wealth from the 100% to the 1%.  The same is true of the propaganda that we need fossil fuels for energy production and “jobs, jobs, jobs”, both of which can be better fulfilled by sustainable and renewable energy development.
As laughable is the wink-and-nod from patriarchal Establishment, including some women, that our current system of networking, privilege, nepotism, cronyism, and exclusion is “our system”.  
We have named as successful those who use the tools of violence, aggression, and oppression most effectively.  No reason exists that we can’t instead switch to success in terms of equality, justice, and inclusion.
These are reason we need to circular-file patriarchy.  Those men telling women how their bodies are to be used, while those men are abusing women, must stop.

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