Accidents Are Unforeseeable….

Disclaimer—The following isn’t a news report.  It is opinion developed from many sources, some of which are included for transparency, clarity, and rebuttal, and is the Free Speech of humanity.
Accidents Are Unforeseeable….
Climate Change is a well-understood phenomenon that foretells the transfer of expense and pain onto local community members, in order for commercial interests to capture profit.
The results of these careless business practices cannot be called accidents any more than the criminal negligence of a drunk driver to kills an innocent person due to his drunken use of a vehicle can be called an accident.
Trump in the Carolinas commiserating over the trials of Hurricane Florence survivors is an insult in light of the fact that the next day he will be back to the business of promoting the fossil fuel industry that participated in the global warming, for profit, that promotes the Climate Change that is rendering many local community neighborhoods too dangerous to populate—-
FYI—Ourchildrenstrust vs the US government
On October 29, 2018, these 21 young people will confront the federal government in open court. They will demand a science-based National Climate Recovery Plan––a plan that would end the reign of fossil fuels and lead to swift decarbonization.
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Predictable desecration of the environment transferred to future generations isn’t an accident.
Misuse of language is one way to bait-and-switch.  Local community citizens are informing themselves of that to watch out for, and how best to grapple with retention of human rights and environmental rights when the court system or legislators leave the public to fend for themselves—-
In the news every day, we are reminded of the incredible urgency we face in these epic times. Whether it is climate chaos, economic instability and inequality, racial and social injustice, or some other form of extractive hegemony, we’re seeing more and more examples of the need for big change.
But where do we, as the Transition Movement, intersect with this big picture and the wider Movement of Movements? The Transition Model calls for “building a bridge to local government,” but does it stop there? How do we heed this call to advance the ‘Great Turning,’ while remaining as inclusive as possible?
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Corruption legalized into the American elections byway of the illegitimate decision handed down by the Supreme Court called Citizens United is giving us a system of governance by patriarchy that seems in the process of installing onto that questionable Supreme Court, stumbling-drunk, rapacious frat boys unworthy of the description of Judge.
This is, of course, a personal opinion, but the self-description of many of the characters seem to expose an arrogance that is stereotypical of that class of youngsters.
Heard this morning on C-span on the topic of whether Kavanaugh should be confirmed, strictly paraphrase, a male caller questioned how long the diverse millions of people in the US will consent to dictatorial edicts from people from Kansas.  Not really understanding the characterization, but one suspects it has to do with an unexplored and rigid mindset as we are watching from Grassley and Hatch, represented less by geographical origin than by personality.
The misogynistic arrogance of Grassley and the Hatch who has called a woman “mixed-up” (women raised in the ’50’s and ’60’s will recognize that presumption about the character of women), may be so themselves.  One makes the point that the physical assaults against women isn’t enough for these characters; and they wish to apply their general state of misogyny legislatively, by which they can harm women without physical contact.  One doesn’t exclude Graham from this characterization.
This notion seems apt as we watch male choices for the Supreme Court that aren’t in keeping with retention of a democratic republic, in which women can participate in equality and justice.
As patriarchy continues to cling to power in the face of equality and justice, the real-life consequences seem tragically to manifest in young women going about their personal routines in their neighborhoods, who are dying at the hands of male attackers.  This is a reason these characters such as Hatch and Grassley, clinging to patriarchal patterns, must be challenged on their presumptions.  Their actions don’t reflect those of innocent codgers.
One supports legislators who are attempting to protect the general public, rather than prey on the general public—-
Watching portions of the Kavanaugh confirmation, one recognizes the patriarchal hubris with which many of these characters presume to display their arrogance.  One sees Kennedy asking Kavanaugh what he was like as a youngster (paraphrase), as one hears Kavanaugh giggling in the background.  This is not a confidence-builder as pertains to a confirmation hearing on the topic as crucial as the Supreme Court appointment.  It isn’t so humorous to the women attempting dignified lives while these characters hearken back to the worst of patriarchy.
—-The arrogance witnessed by too many legislators who seem hell-bent to name to positions of power, those who are nothing but grown-up spoiled frat boys, is a step too far.
They need to see themselves outside of their patriarchal bubble, as many others see them.
The authoritarian Capitalist Party is officiating over a transformation away from a democratic republic to capitalism.  This is not an accident.  They are acting precisely to oppress the majority of Americans in order to benefit themselves personally.
With all due respect to Reverend Barber, we cannot lift people out of poverty as long as our system is capitalism.  That is an oxymoron.  Our underlying system must change to recognize participation by everyone in the economy of the nation that, aside from capitalistic and oligarch oppression, belongs to the 100%, not the 1%——
—–Don’t be confused and mixed up, to use the words of Orin Hatch, as to believe we can “lift people out of poverty” if we cling to our system of capitalism.
When we attempt to “lift people out of poverty” in a capitalistic system, we just make poverty more expensive.
We didn’t stumble into capitalism by mistake.  The public must develop the ability to foresee the systems put in place, and vote accordingly.  If the voters don’t envision and predict the system they wish, and act accordingly, the over-grown frat boys will, with all due respect to all.

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