Trump Comfort With American Environmental Refugees

Disclaimer—The following isn’t a news report.  It is opinion based from many sources, some of which are included for transparency, clarity, and rebuttal, and is the Free Speech of humanity.
Trump Comfort With American Environmental Refugees……
One supposes it is better to be a refugee with a car than a refugee on foot.  When will these people be able to go home?  If Climate Change has rendered their local American communities uninhabitable, what next?—- ;      —  Where do American environmental refugees go? ; —  Environmental refugees live in the US, and pay US taxes.

In what seems a self-serving propaganda speech by Trump, he promotes once again the senseless use of fossil fuels, regardless that sustainable and renewable energy sources are becoming cheaper—-

Solar projects that incorporate storage are becoming cheaper to build per megawatt-hour in parts of the U.S. Southwest than new gas-fired generation, according to a report Monday by Bloomberg NEF.
——–end of bloomberg message———
Trump would support his pro-fossil-fuel stance if he explained the reason he chooses energy production methods that are costly to repair after the weather events caused by the use of fossil fuels, that promote global warming that causes Climate Change and is a reason for the devastation to fossil-ful energy production facilities—-
“Looking at Harvey in Houston and the storm in Hawaii…we didn’t see any substantial amount of system loss unless the house was a catastrophic loss overall,” Liardon said. “Obviously, if the roof comes off and the house is compromised…there’s no attachment that’s going to survive.” 
——-end of greentechmedia message——- ; —  The above 2 informational links are from insideclimatechange
Interference to local community sustainability from Establishment Capitalist Party oligarchs, is being met by courageous US citizens who are defending human rights and environmental rights on local scale—- ;       —  If the public has eschewed democracy and local rule for the convenience of centralized authoritarianism, the public can regain equality and justice by running their own lives on a local basis.
——-The Capitalist Party excuse that Puerto Rico has had a difficult time recovering from Hurricane Maria because of the financial irresponsibility of their leaders, does not explain the entire picture.
——–One hears little about the predatory investment actions in Puerto Rico by financial institutions that have hurt everyone, inside and outside of Puerto Rico—-
——We now only hear that “Puerto Rico was in financial trouble before Hurricane Maria”.  Perhaps we were all duped by a system that has culminated in 2018 in the US government articulating openly that they are “running government like a business”, which may be a definition of organized crime.  
Therefore we are watching evermore local community members caught up in the net of designation as refugee, which is typical in 3rd world countries, and is customarily caused by authoritarian oppression as we have experienced from the Capitalist Party that includes both Democrats and Republicans.
Trump’s ire against refugees is ironic as he becomes the Refugee President of US citizens environmental refugees.
Small pockets of American environmental refugees are expanding.  The Carolina refugees fleeing from Hurricane Florence, some of whom will have a very difficult time returning to their neighborhoods, was predictable.  Rather than deal with the situation, the Capitalist Party including both Democrats and Republicans, soothed citizen fears with the insulting pander that “Americans are exceptional”. ; —  So Disaster Profiteering is refined by “running government like a business”.
The Capitalist Party, consisting of both D’s and R’s, go about the business of installing sycophants to their interests apparently inured to the real life of American citizens—– ; —  The Senate is in fact ignoring their oath to protect the American public, as they “run government like a business”, which may be a definition of organized crime.
Have the courage to vote your interests—- ;    
The motivation of Green Party candidate Howie Hawkins is the motivation of local community members across America—–
—–One is curious to find an electorate voting for Capitalist Party members whether Democrat or Republican, as more and more American local community members become environmental refugees with questionable ability to rebuild in their hometowns, due to extraordinary weather patterns from Climate Change.
American refugees caused by Climate Change are dramatic and obvious.  But what about the burgeoning and not yet obvious American refugee problem that can result from poisoning of local communities by industrialization to promote the profiteering of US oligarchs?—–
Corporate-captured media talking heads seem to suggest the problem of flooding, for example in the Carolina’s after Hurricane Florence, could be mitigated if “people carried flood insurance”, regardless that areas are flooding that have never experienced this phenomenon before.  
——A more honest journalistic presentation would be about the human-manufactured Climate Change that is passing risk to local community members in order for the 1% to profiteer from the commercial exploitation of human and natural resources.
Delicate avoidance of the topic of Climate Change by corporate-sponsored mainstream media is in keeping with the general lack of concern from commercial interests and Establishment for humanity and environment.
If American environmental refugees are expected to purchase flood insurance for regions that have historically never experienced floods, isn’t this transfer of risk due to Climate Change, from the industries that promote Climate Change that causes the devastating weather patterns, while those industries capture the profits.  If local community members must flee their homes due to devastating weather patterns, and are not allowed to return due to the ongoing floods year after year, this is a refugee issue that hasn’t been as yet identified by Establishment hierarchy nor corporate-owned mainstream media. ; —  PETITION  —  Suspicion about Kavanaugh on the topic of sexual assault, torture, and censorship seems to imply a character that is a bit mixed up.   Perhaps he doesn’t respect freedom, equality, justice, and pursuit of happiness.  This is a problem for a fellow on the Supreme Court.  Far too risky to allow him in such a position of responsibility, as the American public is placed in ever deeper danger by the big-money-interest supporters of Kavanaugh.  His character doesn’t warrant the position in the Supreme Court.
The same commercial world that is oblivious to its role in promoting greed and global warming that leads to Climate Change, seems then unwilling to accommodate local-community employees whose lives and homes are put at risk when the weather events occur that destroy lives—–
Can this be much better than the Former USSR?
And speaking of bad national policy, one is reminded of the previous NYTimes reporter who in her ignorance and youth, equated Social Security Earned Benefits with welfare payments.  One hasn’t heard this absurd propaganda in a while.  In fact, workers, both employees and small business owners, who over 30, 40 and 50 years paid from 7.5% to 15% of their earned income into the Social Security Fund, before IRA and 401(k) contributions or deductions, have earned the benefit for which the Social Security Earned Benefit is named.
Taking this a step further, when the Social Security Earned Benefit is paid out to retirees, that money seldom transfers to off-shore bank accounts.  It goes back into the local economy, generally.
This helps to create a real economy that is different from the Capitalist Party Establishment embezzlement of the wealth of the nation from the 100% to the 1%, which the young and ignorant previous NYTimes reporter seemed to prefer.
In fact, the success of the Social Security Earned Benefit in creating civilization, is a reason to promote the Universal Income, that would work similarly to produce a predictable level of income that isn’t exposed to the uncertainty and highs and lows of the Ponzi Scheme economy we now have.  If chasing the highest return is your idea of pursuit of happiness, you have yet to learn that Capitalist Party hierarchy has rigged the system as they “run government like a business”, which may be a definition of organized crime.  Good luck.  You’d better learn the fine points of extortion, because that ain’t no functioning economy.

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