Capitalist Party Doesn’t Want You To Know……

Disclaimer—The following isn’t a news report.  It is opinion developed from many sources, many of which are included for clarity, transparency, and rebuttal and is the Free Speech of humanity.
Capitalist Party Doesn’t Want You To Know……
Why doesn’t your Capitalist Party Representative, whether D or R, use their official position to organize in protection of their local community constituents?—-

It operated a large warehouse, a distribution center, a gas and service station, a refrigeration facility, a sewing shop, a shoe shop, even medical services, all on cooperative principles. Members were expected to work two days a week, and benefits were allocated according to need. A member with a wife and two kids got four times as much food as someone living alone. The organization was run democratically, and social support was as important as material support. Members helped one another resist evictions; sometimes they moved a family back in after a landlord had put them out. Unemployed utility workers turned on gas and electricity for families that had been cut off.
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Commercially-owned Capitalist Party Representatives will not tell you about the enormous opportunities for local communities due to compliance to their big-money interest campaign donors.
Capitalist Party politicians drank the kool-aid that “our Economy” has been high-jacked away from us, and into the back pocket of oligarchs.  This means the Capitalist Party politicians consisting of both Republicans and Democrats, have as their mission, the embezzlement of the wealth of the nation away from the ubiquitous local community public and to the capitalist hierarchy.  In their deluded thinking, this is the responsibility toward which they swear their oath to uphold the US Constitution, in abject ignorance of the atrocity they commit against the reason for the American Revolution.
One notices the phrase “Laws of nature and nature’s God”—–
In Upstate NY, years ago, Senator Libous enthusiastically collaborated with SUNY Binghamton to bring in what is called our pharmacy school, using the tired and jaded phrase “jobs, jobs, jobs”.
Apparently America isn’t alone is promoting the silliness of the middleman—-
The modern university is neither corporation nor government agency. But it has the worst elements of both, endorsing the rapacity of the former without its benefits, and the bureaucracy of the latter without its purpose.  In it, a hybrid has developed, one that has, in turn, brought forth further creations of horror: the pro-vice chancellor and the deputies, a praetorian guard of management heavies with pygmy visions and armies of support staff who have not set foot in a library in years.
Their entire existence – this draining cabal that hoards and feeds – is premised on the irrelevant and the intangible: a visit to a counterpart university in a country they can barely name, signing a memorandum of understanding they will never read again, overseeing policies they neither understand nor care to.  That’s the “vision thing”, the bollocks of strategy that has seen Australia’s 38 public university vice-chancellors paid an average of $890,000 in 2016, with 12 earning more than $1 million.
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The American public would do themselves a favor to recognize the irrelevance of the middleman.  When will be enough, the indenture of our young people in their pursuit of so-called higher education that does nothing but indoctrinate themselves into capitalism?  It is a travesty that young people are thrown onto the treadmill of debt, for a sheepskin that doesn’t provide significant employment, with a commensurate remuneration.  If the education at the very least produced confident, independent, freedom-loving citizens, ready and able to run their own lives and to create prosperity of their own making in a working free market, the debt might be worth it, but still too extravagant.  As it is, the American and apparently global youth are being saddled with debt right off the bat, for the benefit of capitalistic hierarchy.
At the time of the discussion about the so-called pharmacy school in Johnson City, NY,  one wrote vociferously to Capitalist Party Representatives with the viewpoint that better use of taxpayer money could be earmarked for local-community development dedicated to promote the welfare of local citizens, rather than setting up a system in which corporation would drain away from the region, our wealth, while introducing the highly questionable system of commercial drug dealing sanctified by legislation as we have witnessed in the opioid epidemic in our region.
One has been black-balled by more than one capitalist character.  This seems distinctly undemocratic.  But one has also been kicked off Facebook for sharing the following links—–
Not to cast aspersions on anyone for their relatives, but rather to remind that many of our idols have feet of clay.
So today we have the pharmacy school with students often needing to get into debt for the so-called drug education, with SUNY Binghamton profiting, and drugs proliferating.
Oh, but wait….there’s more.  Our burgeoning drug epidemic, blamed to a large proportion to opioids, has introduced a new industry of drug rehabilitation.  Give me a break.
This has been a most terrorist exploitation of the local community and economy by commercial interests and the Capitalist Party.
Years ago, one suggested, before the so-called pharmacy school was put into place, the alternative of a natural herbal medicine school run by the local common people who have an awareness on the topic, of which there are many, and use of our beautiful natural wilderness for harvesting of the inexpensive and pervasive natural medicinal herbs, that industry has labeled weeds, and is attempting to eradicate using cancer-causing chemicals, the better to provide fodder for the industrial medical capitalists.
Monsanto sued Avaaz….yes they did…..before the courts found the Monsanto product was indeed suspiciously dangerous—– ;         —  One may suggest the censorship perpetrated by Monsanto is in keeping with the atrocities of modern-day commercial interests against nature and humanity, in too many instances, and with the collaboration of the Capitalist Party.
To better devastate the local environs, we again have a Capitalist Party NYS candidate for Governor, this time in the person of Molinaro, attempting to further destroy our nature for industrial profit in which local communities will be left bereft of natural resources, and profit will be funneled into the coffers of the Capitalist Party and industry.
A deeply undemocratic system of governance, that we have been informed is “running government like a business”, incomprehensibly contrary to the edicts set forth in the US Constitution for We The People, has indoctrinated even the most well-meaning politicians in to the position of capitalistic flunky, with all due respect.
The highly questionable and illegitimate decision called Citizens United, handed down by the Supreme Court, has produced so-called Representatives who can pass the laws that has legalized bribery and embezzlement in the government, as they announce to the public they are “running government like a business”, which may be a definition of organized crime.
Our educational system that had as its preliminary mission, the creation of civic-minded citizens capable of self-governance, has turned into a factory to produce ignorant and compliant widgets for which commercial interests to profit.
While corporate-captured mainstream media spreads the propaganda of the Capitalist Party as surely as did Pravda spread the news of the Communist Party of the Former USSR, the informed American citizen will do well to recall the information they need must be sought after by those informed American citizens, to avoid the status of a Capitalist slug—-
As one hears corporate-captured mainstream media whine about the attacks against the “fourth estate”, they seem quite ready to obliterate any attention to the “third estate”, which is the commons and the public.
Corporate-captured mainstream media surely is sparse in their reporting on global issues not in compliance with the Capitalist Party.
There’s a reason for the phrase “canary in the coal mine”.  If the birds are healthy, people will be less likely to die from industrial intrusion, too—-
Further indication that the D’s and R’s culminate in the homogenization called the Capitalist Party, is the description of bipartisan private parts, in books—
Soon to preview, books on the private parts of Supreme Court Justices…..bipartisan, of course, because the Supreme Court is non-political, says the Capitalist Party.

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