Disclaimer–The following isn’t a news report.  It is opinion developed from many sources, some of which are included for clarity, transparency, and rebuttal, and is the Free Speech of humanity.
One is especially interested in the events of explosion and contamination that are occurring currently—–
As Sharon Kelly reports for DeSmog, another gas pipeline explosion rocked a Pennsylvania community ten days ago. But this pipe — owned by Energy Transfer Partners, the company behind the Dakota Access and Bayou Bridge pipelines — had only been in service for seven days.
Why is the Cannabis Revolution illegal, but the Pipeline Revolution is legal?—–
——One suspects corruption by the US government that has informed the public they are “running government like a business”, which may be a definition of organized crime, and it all comes down to money,
Is it too difficult for Establishment Capitalists to whip into a frenzy of exceptional consumerism, a content and happy pot smoker?   Does it boil down to something as simple as this?  And here’s the kicker……you don’t even need the pot—— ;    —  Time is invested to find the peace inside.  Personal time is anathema for capitalism.
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At a more local level, safety concerns have fueled strong opposition to Energy Transfer’s Mariner East project, driven not only by the company’s troubling track record during construction but also by environmental concerns. Mariner East construction has been repeatedly shut down by the state after mishaps including sinkholes, spills and leaks. State regulators have hit the company with over $13.1 million in fines for violating state environmental and safety laws during Mariner East construction, including a $148,000 fine in August for breaking the state’s Clean Streams Law and the Dam Safety and Encroachment Act.
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But too many relevant topics are presented in this link to ignore—

Plastics are harmful to people, animals, and nature.  Natural gas is dangerous to nature, animals and people.  Entrenched industry is imposing their eccentric predatory madness onto the public, and calling it progress, and using their questionably-gotten gains to buy politicians who have reached the depth of corruption sufficiently, which corruption is legalized by Citizens United, the illegitimate decision handed down by an increasingly compromised Supreme Court.  This notion originates from the backing Kavanaugh has received from some of the same dark-money interests as have bought off the politicians.  
The 3 branches of government were intended to provide checks and balances.  Money is currently used to influence all of the Administrative, Judiciary, and Legislative branches, nullifying any presumption to following the U. S. Constitution, and make a joke of any oath of office anyone may have taken.  This is a reason one sees a 1-party system, cynically and inappropriately called a 2-party system as “ours”, which is wrong anyway, and supported by both Democrats and Republicans to further obscure the authoritarian money-centric take over by those who have told us they will “run government like a business”, which may be a definition of organized crime. ; —  As Establishment trained the public away from citizenship and into consumerism, the reason for this indoctrination was quite self-serving.  As people became consuming-machines, identification with things played into the propaganda of the value of capitalism due to all the pretty things you could buy.
In a democracy, citizenship should be valued, with relentless attention on the character and actions of our politicians; who are subject to the overview of constituents, and not to big-money interests.
Gene Karpinski who appeared on C-span this morning, mentioned that (paraphrase) the impact from Climate Change fall most heavily on minority communities.  At the same time, minority communities have been side-tracked by their Capitalist Representatives, either D or R, who have adhered to the big-money propaganda that, as one heard a Representative say, “he wishes no harm to the bunnies in the forest, but his constituents need “jobs, jobs, jobs”.
This indoctrination is precisely the reason many people voted for Bernie Sanders in the Primary and Jill Stein in the General Presidential election in 2016.  One would no more vote for a Capitalist Party candidate than one would vote for a Communist Party candidate from the Former USSR.  The reason is a preference for democracy with a wish for equality, justice, and pursuit of happiness.
Disturbingly one has watched as greed has been promoted as a virtue to be developed, rather than the qualities of justice for all and freedom.  So long as the public acts accordingly, their lot in life will be to chase money on the treadmill of capitalism.
This is the reason a different system other than capitalism is needed.  The lie of “raising people out of poverty”, in a capitalistic system, will do nothing other than make more expensive, poverty.  This is the reason many people voted for Bernie Sanders in the Primary and Jill Stein in the General Presidential election.

The stock market is touted as a platform for fair and orderly public sales of business shares.  As surely as the election process has been corrupted by big-money interference, invited by the illegitimate decision from the Supreme Court called Citizens United, that legalized bribery in politics, in one person’s opinion, one doesn’t see a reason to pretend the stock market has escaped such debasement of our economic system.
Use of money to oppress seem to have become the system of America.
Therefore, requesting of mutual fund companies to eschew partnership with undemocratic groups, feels like whistling past the graveyard…..but go ahead if you must.
Many grassroots individuals are making enormous strides toward democratic action, in particular in Upstate NY——
The need for social media to inform the public is crucial, because corporate-owned mainstream media avoids if not outright censors the information from healthy-environment advocates, as the mainstream media carefully adheres to so-called news reports that are more nearly corporate advertisements. ; —  Few people outside of the grassroots healthy-environment advocate groups who have defended human and environmental rights for more than a decade, will understand the cost to the defender, but also the pay-back in self-respect.
One recognizes the continuum of male and female traits within each of us.  Just now, we are blessed with an open expose of the treatment of women by the mostly men who embrace the most male-burdened characteristics.  This is a blessing because when women speak of these atrocities committed against them in private, many people don’t believe them.  It Be.
—–But to expand on this, let’s celebrate the complicated nature of people, and acknowledge the value of female traits that abide in each of us, while using the male traits for action, but not for predatory action.  
The first step is to challenge Patriarchy and reject its exploitation of people and planet.  The commercial products of Patriarchy aren’t a worthy exchange for the freedom, equality, and pursuit of happiness for humanity.
———Women weren’t the only people to draw the attention of Establishment Inquisition authority.  Again, it’s about attitude, and Establishment has never preferred equality, justice, and pursuit of happiness.
A clear and relevant voice to support local community excellence, in NYS, by Howie Hawkins—–
—-To hear information from other than the Capitalist Party will inform as to the reason to eschew one’s role as an exceptional consumer, as promoted as the epitome of person-ness.  We can do better.
Perhaps we can join with those who prefer integrity to exceptionalism—–
It is a point well taken that Establishment censors, as we see in the several examples of censorship of any other than the Capitalist Party D’s and R’s, complicity by corporate-owned mainstream media, and the attempts by the confirmation committee to censor Blasey-Ford on the topic of sexual assault.  
Censorship is a tool of the Communist Party of the Former USSR, and the American Capitalist Party is following their lead.  Corporate media assists.

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