Cost And Value Are Different

Disclaimer—The following isn’t a news report.  It is opinion based on many sources, some of which are included for rebuttal, transparency, and clarity, and is the Free Speech of humanity.
Cost And Value Are Different…..
Cost and value are not the same, but are reported as synonymous by Establishment…..

A personal idiosyncrysy is to imagine fossil fuel as male and solar as female, recalling each person has a continuum of both male and female characteristics and  qualities—-

Another idiosyncratic notion is cost=male and value=female.  Just a thought….
Why are we destroying the environment and perpetrating Climate Change when the alternative is cheaper?
Worship of money and power as exemplified in the Republican legislators who have abandoned their responsibility of upholding their portion of the Constitutional 3 Branches of government, in order to grovel at the feet of Trump, in one person’s view, has created an atmosphere in which the self-defined sexual-abuser-in-office, as supported by his own admission when in a state of hubris, in which he has demanded of a teenage girl, that unless she and her loving parents had gotten a police report 35-years ago about a sexual attack by a teen boy, her word is questionable.
Meanwhile we hear from Graham, Grassley, and Hatch, the most insulting attitude toward women in general, in which the phrases well known to women of the ’60’s and ’50’s, such as their confusion and state of mix-up, in frankly misogynistic language used to oppress in order to self-aggrandize oneself.  Patriarchy has been practicing this charade of superiority for centuries.
And now let’s hear from the Catholic Church, self-referring as a most staunch defender of that which is upright and moral, presuming male superiority to boot—-
When will enough be enough?
A personal witness of “calling the police”, by a woman assaulted by a man in 1971, gives evidence that after a domestic violence attack both personally and as one’s husband destroyed everything in the interior of one’s home, the 2 state troopers in NYS informed the woman that “it’s his house and he can do whatever he wants”.  The demands that he be arrested were met with derision.  Indeed that was confusing, but the confusion was from patriarchy and Establishment, not from me.
But perhaps that which many women know in 2018, must simply be expressed.  The only explanation one can imagine as to the attitudes toward women of people such as Grassley, Trump, Graham, and Hatch must be their social seclusion.
One can imagine characters whose only exposure to women are at the church social or brothel.  That can be an explanation for the abject ignorance one is hearing from these characters.
We as a society have had capitalism inflicted upon us, superimposed over our democratic republic.  We have heard politicians inform us that “government will be run like a business”, which may be a definition of organized crime.
Women are in the workplace for the same reasons as are men.  In order to compete on a level playing field, presumptions must be set aside for reality.
These are reasons for an examination of reality by women, that in fact is healthy.  The many roles from which a woman may choose, should be her own.  If she eschews the role of nun or prostitute, she can go into politics or business.  In so doing, she may meet with men, with whom she expects to be treated like an equal, without needing to display the characteristics, enticing though they may be, of either a nun or a prostitute.
One suggests the nun/prostitute dichotomy as applied to women, by the fabulous four, is a display of the most abject ignorance along with an inability to deal with reality.
Women who choose to live a full and free life, rather than sequestration, have that right.  The onus is upon people around the woman, to choose behavior that is not criminal, toward her.
One has watched a growing number of young woman, going about their lives within their community, who have been attacked and killed.  This is becoming nothing short of a human rights affront to woman of America.  The attitude of the fabulous four seems to be that if women were better impounded, they would not be so exposed.
And yet, statistically speaking, women are at the greatest risk in their own home, due to a large part to domestic violence.
Patriarchy plays no small part in the reason for the propaganda and attitude that has terrorized women.  Patriarchy is about control and oppression, promoting hierarchy, and suiting just fine, capitalism.
——Manhandling seems to be a primary reason for “confusion” in women.
The very topic about mental instability in women,  raised the hair on the back of the neck of some women who recall real-time stories of the era of the ’50’s and ’60’s, of women institutionalized by their male partners.  This is a control method, and the confusion and being mixed-up as suggested by the fabulous four, was a part of the story.
Hawkins to Kick Off General Election Campaign in Binghamton on Friday, September 21 at 11:30 AM
Location: Peacemaker Stage, 7 Court St, Binghamton
Howie Hawkins will kick off his Green Party Gubernatorial campaign for the general election with a news conference on Friday, September 21  at 11:30 AM at

Hawkins will outline why he is Plan B both for the 500,000 who recently voted for Nixon and the better choice for liberals who presently think Cuomo is their candidate.
Hawkins will discuss his agenda on climate, housing, single payer healthcare, criminal justice reform,  upstate cities, job creation, and replacing Cuomo’s property tax cap with increased state revenue sharing with local governments.
Hawkins will also address the sentencing of former Cuomo aide Joe Percoco and the 1st anniversary of Hurricane Maria hitting Puerto Rico.
Howie Hawkins – Green for Governor
Media Release — One sends this out on social media because the local corporate-owned mainstream media adheres to coverage of the Capitalist Party consisting of Democrats and Republicans, as faithfully as the Communist Party coverage by Pravda promoted the Former USSR. One local news station even calls itself “your news authority” rather than news reporters.
Dare to gather your information from diverse sources. Surely each person has the ability and right to think for themselves. The presumption of confusion as put forth by the fabulous four, is the attempt to censor.

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