It’s about freedom, fairness and humanity. It’s also about our incomparable and precious nature with which humanity is inextricably connected; both being that of The Creator
One cannot imagine a better use of time and energy than standing shoulder-to-shoulder with like-minded local-community defenders of human rights and environmental rights.
One is buoyed by a patient and priceless husband who is my friend, lover, and life partner.
Not to be ignored, ever, are two active dogs. The short, round and yappy Chihuahua/Beagle and tall, svelte, long-legged Manchester Terrier are our friends, too.
Our lifestyle goal is peace and synchronization with that which brought us here.
Silence on the topic of human rights and environmental rights, over decades of compliance with general norms, seems to have resulted in an America unrecognizable from that of 60 years ago. Therefore the silence is lifted.